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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cowboy Wedding Favor Ideas

Cowboy Wedding Favor IdeasOne popular wedding theme couples use are a lot today is cowboy weddings. Not only popular here in Texas, cowboy weddings are springing up all over the country. Cowboy apparel, western decorations, cowboy wedding vows, cowboy western music, and cowboy wedding favors are all regularly seen with cowboy western wedding themes. Wedding favors are typically one of the more difficult decisions to make in any wedding, cowboy themed or not. If you are planning a cowboy wedding and need some ideas for cowboy wedding favors, then you’ve come the the right place, here are some great ideas you can use for your cowboy wedding.

Trail Mix Wedding Favor

Trail mix is something you can either buy in bulk and separate out into individual portions, or make yourself. You’ll have to price it out, and depending on how what kinds of nuts, berries and candies you want in your trail mix, making it yourself could be much cheaper. Bandannas make for excellent containers for your trail mix. Tie them off with twine and add a tag with Love’s Happy Trails or other cute verse, and you’ve got a great cowboy wedding favor.

Beef Jerky Wedding Favor

Beef jerky is another popular choice for a cowboy wedding favor. Buying these from a store or meat market could prove rather expensive, but you can make beef jerky yourself pretty easily at home. There are lots of recipes for it on the Internet, and try a few out until you get a favorite. You can either wrap these in bandannas as well, or use zip lock baggies and then wrap in the bandannas to help keep the jerky fresh.

Cowboy Hat Wedding Favors

Look for deals on buying bulk cowboy hats. They can be straw hats, or even cowboy hats in different colors. Place one at each place setting if you are having tables, and place a card in each hat inviting each guest to wear their new hat to help you celebrate your wedding. If you are not having a dinner, then place them on a central table so that every guest will see that they are meant to take a hat for their own. This makes for some cute pictures!

Cowboy wedding themes are fun for the guests and everyone involved. They’re different, unique and your guests will remember the event for years to come. If you need extra help planning your cowboy wedding, then check out Cowboy Wedding Ideas for more ideas. Happy planning, and if you need more help choosing your cowboy wedding favors then just comment and let me know! Happy wedding planning!

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